Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby sling M5678

Five years ago when Little M was an infant, and we were living in downtown SF and carless (not a typo: we didn't have a car), we carried him everywhere in this NoJo ring sling:
(As you can see, he was very comfortable in it.)
But it was quite bulky, and not ideal for wearing when the weather's warm. You can make a sling quite easily. There are free instructions on the web. I used McCall's 5678 (only I made it single-layered instead of double). Here it is in size Small (for reference: I'm 5'7" tall):
Baby and mom are both comfortable, but it's a slight bit of a challenge getting him into the pocket. Size Medium works perfectly (and even my 6' tall 200-lb husband can use it).

I made single-layered slings (M5678 calls for 2 layers of fabric). There is just one, curved seam. For strength you should double-stitch it. The edges are narrow-hemmed. Also, to make it even easier to put on (you have to fold it in half lengthwise and match the edges, before putting it on), you can stitch the two sides together at the shoulder so that it's always pre-folded and ready to don.

Fabric used: Thrifted duvet cover.

(Addendum: If you get stuck at step 14 of the instructions, check out the tips in the Comments below.)


Penny said...

What fun fabric to use for a baby sling!!! It looks very comfortable!

natalie said...

very cute! i'm making one right now, but for some reason cannot for the life of me get it right! i've read reviews that said the directions are wrong- maybe i am just thinking too hard about it which is why i can't get it! argh! you made it look so easy! any tips?!

lulu said...

Steps 13-14 were really unclear--is that where you were confused too?

I think, just after step 13 (where you've sewn up the long edges, making a tube) and before step 14, insert one end of the tube INTO the tube (as though you're going to turn the tube inside out), and match up the curved edges (right sides of the fabric together). THEN do step 14 (stitch the curved edges of the main fabric together, and of the contrast fabric together).

Ultimately, I managed to avoid this step because I didn't use contrast linings for my slings.

Mia said...

I was sewing this with my sister for my niece and also could not for the life of me figure how to do the ends! The instructions are definitely in need up dating. I googled for help - the internet has everything! And found your site. Thank you for the help!!!! This is so perfect!

Anna said...

thank you so much! I also tried the 2 layer contrast method and the instructions do not tell you to insert one end into the tube before moving on to step 14!
I was ready to pull my hair out! haha!

Thanks so much for posting tips!
I also found this via googling

rojones said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I spent hours trying to figure this out. I knew there was something missing and that it should be simple. Thanks to you, I now have a beautiful sling for my future grandson. Now, how do we get to McCall's to tell them how much of their customers' time they have wasted with this badly written instructions?

Janell said...

The pattern directions are HORRIBLE! I ended up sewing mine RST down the straight sides leaving the curved edges open, then flipped it RS out and folded it like I would be putting it on and did a French Seam with worked out PERFECT! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful for the comments on this post! Step 13/14 were making me feel crazy! Inserting the one end totally fixed it :) Thanks!

Leaeh said...

Please help I am trying to make one of these and I am also stuck on the 13 and 14 it is driving me crazy. And using the same fabric for both sides.

lulu said...

hi Leaeh,
Do step 13 exactly as written, with your 2 pieces of fabric right-sides together (i.e., stitch the straight sides between the circles, leaving an opening on one side). You will have made a tube that is open at both ends.

For step 14: First stick your hand all the way through the tube, grab the far end, and pull it halfway through the tube until the curved ends are aligned. You should now have 4 layers of curved ends. Stitch 2 layers right-sides together, along the curve between the circles. Then stitch the remaining 2 layers together the same way.

At step 13 you left an opening on the side for turning--pull the thing right-side out through this opening.

Anonymous said...

I have lost my sewing directions for this baby sling. Can anyone send a picture of these steps so I can finish making this for my daughter? Thank you ahead of time to any who can help. Gale at

lulu said...

Sorry Gale, I think I must have given my copy away. Hope someone else sees your request & can help!