Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Easy access, baby!

Totally stealing this idea, I modified a free T-shirt pattern ("Lydia", from Burdastyle.com), to make a nursing top:

with easy access (my duct tape double is flashing you!):

The original front pattern piece looks like this:

but instead you need to cut an overlay and an underlay.
The front underlay piece looks like this:

and is elasticized at the top (stitch 1/4" elastic to the edge).
The overlay piece looks like this:

and is elasticized at the bottom (if your fabric doesn't curl, just turn up 5/8" and stitch a scant 3/8" casing).

Other modifications: after cutting the 5/8" seam allowance off the neck edge, I bound it with a crosswise strip of fabric, which wasn't difficult and turned out well.

My only gripe is that size 38 is loose-fitting on me so this looks more like a dorky nursing top than a non-dorky non-nursing top. Next time I'll try cutting size 36, tightening up the elastic, and shortening the overlay piece. (I need to get in the habit of trying things on as I sew; I could have remedied the loose-fit problem easily.)

I used a double-knit (1-3/8 yards), which was fast and easy - no edges to finish.

This is definitely wearable and therefore a (qualified) success!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crocheted itty bag finished!

crocheted itty bag
Originally uploaded by sew-sewcrafter

Used 1 skein of Lion Cotton exactly. Less than 6 inches of yarn left at the end. I single-crocheted the pieces together but could have sewed them instead (if I'd run out of yarn).

Dimensions: 8.5" tall x 6" (26 single crochet) wide x 1" deep. One inside pocket. Just big enough to hold an oversized wallet, cel phone, and car keys, but not much else. Inspired by Pammy's Bag in Knit or Crochet (pdf) at WoolyWonder.com.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Would you pay $17 to have "Vogue" on the pattern envelope?

Has anyone else noticed that Vogue 8351 (price $20) and Butterick 5202 (price $2.99), for empire waist knit dresses with gathered fronts, are identical? So, you can choose to pay an extra $17 for the "Vogue" name on the pattern envelope. Or not. This is not like finding a designer knock-off at Target; this is like finding the exact same item with a Target label. I'm not complaining! But I am curious about the thinking behind this marketing tactic.