Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Easy access, baby!

Totally stealing this idea, I modified a free T-shirt pattern ("Lydia", from Burdastyle.com), to make a nursing top:

with easy access (my duct tape double is flashing you!):

The original front pattern piece looks like this:

but instead you need to cut an overlay and an underlay.
The front underlay piece looks like this:

and is elasticized at the top (stitch 1/4" elastic to the edge).
The overlay piece looks like this:

and is elasticized at the bottom (if your fabric doesn't curl, just turn up 5/8" and stitch a scant 3/8" casing).

Other modifications: after cutting the 5/8" seam allowance off the neck edge, I bound it with a crosswise strip of fabric, which wasn't difficult and turned out well.

My only gripe is that size 38 is loose-fitting on me so this looks more like a dorky nursing top than a non-dorky non-nursing top. Next time I'll try cutting size 36, tightening up the elastic, and shortening the overlay piece. (I need to get in the habit of trying things on as I sew; I could have remedied the loose-fit problem easily.)

I used a double-knit (1-3/8 yards), which was fast and easy - no edges to finish.

This is definitely wearable and therefore a (qualified) success!

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