Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Burda 8577 Maternity Top

This is my version of Burda 8577, also reviewed on patternreview.com. I bought the pattern and this fabric when I was pregnant 5 years ago and back in school, full-time, studying organic chemistry and calculus and other subjects that I nearly failed in college the first time around (in the 80s). No sewing was accomplished during that pregnancy.
I have more completed maternity projects to post....This 2nd pregnancy has really gotten me gassed to sew--but it's still pretty irrational to spend time sewing things I can wear for only 4 months, when I can certainly get by on the several tops I got at Target ($4 each, clearance sale). Is this the so-called "nesting"?
Downsizing box #3: mostly bed linens.

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