Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Does this dress make me look pregnant?

Simplicity 3874.
I don't really understand the current trend of tops and dresses that not only obscure your waist but in fact make it look bigger than it is. What kind of body shape looks good in this style? Why would someone who's not pregnant want to wear maternity clothes?

Yet, somehow, they do seem to look good on everyone Stacey & Clinton put in them. So I spent $1 on this easy-to-make pattern (hey, it's only $1) on the off chance that this look might camouflage my less-than-flat abdomen without making me appear either pregnant or as though I was trying to hide a pregnancy.
Then, right after Thanksgiving, I found out I was pregnant. At my age, according to one website, the odds of this happening without medical intervention are so low as to be considered incalculable. So I was quite surprised, but happily so, and also very relieved that I hadn't just eaten too much turkey and stuffing to fit into my clothes. And so I'm definitely OK with looking pregnant in this dress. I just wish I didn't look so FAT in it.

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Penny said...

This dress looks adorable on you in this picture!!! You did a great job making it!