Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spinosaurus tote bag

Bookbag for Sunday morning Chinese school.

Teeth added by special request.
Straps had to be adjusted longer after the "try it on" photo above.
Made from 70s green corduroy, cotton print, and $3 thrifted Alexander Julian men's shirt.
(Notes to self:
1. Interfacing is good!
2. Stitch in the ditch at upper few inches of each side seam, to help keep lining inside.)


Kerry said...

That's a cute bag - i really like the dinosaur applique. I'm with you on the interfacing - you gotta have it in a bag. My first big bag was made without it, I use it as the pool bag (don't have to worry about it). In another bag I used a light weight interfacing and ended up taking it apart and putting in the heavy weight lining - much better!

lulu said...

That's what I had to do - take it apart after I had completed it without interfacing. I knew it would not cease to bug me if I didn't.