Friday, July 6, 2007

Simplicity 8125

S8125 sz12-14 B34-36
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How cute is this 'jiffy' reversible wrap dress, from 1969? Only 3 pattern pieces. But is it too cute for a woman in her early--alright, mid--40s?


jpolka said...

It is dangerously cute! But it's also really sophisticated and elegant. DO MAKE!

Kerry said...

I think it's great - the fabric choice can make it more "mature" :)

Muddy Acres said...

NOOOO! It is obviously have "it", now's the time to flaunt it!

MusicMama said...

Hi there... I'd LOVE to use this pattern for a 60's retro number in a show we're doing at the theatre... could I persuade you to trace it and mail it to me????? I'd totally be in your debt forever! :)
email me at
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